Tony Pharo is an Artist, whose work draws the eye of those seeking something, something unknown.

Tony Pharo, an American artist hailing from upstate New York, made a life-altering shift by relocating to California, where he now calls Irvine home. Having embraced sobriety for seven years, he’s deeply rooted in California and finds everyday inspiration for his Modern and Contemporary Art. He transcends the boundaries of traditional artistic categories, contributing to a dynamic and evolving artistic landscape that seeks to delve deeper into the realms of personal introspection and self-narration.

Pharo’s paintings, described as expressive and dynamic, defy limits with colors colliding and lines weaving in chaotic yet beautifully nihilistic patterns. The ‘Noisy Mind’ he describes is prominent among the whimsical, familiar characters from childhood years. He adeptly selects characters to mirror a personal narrative, all the while revealing the complicated role of nostalgia in contemporary pop culture. It is the simplicity of materials and the gestural spontaneity that allows the emotions to speak louder than his ‘noise’. Breaking free from the Limits and dogmas of art norms, his gestures transform into a body language that evoke a beautiful nihilism while possessing a childlike innocence.

Embracing inclusivity and accessibility within the realm of art, he perceives it not merely as a form of creative expression but as his therapeutic outlet, particularly instrumental in coping with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). He finds a sanctuary for his emotions, a space where the inherent inclusivity of artistic expression becomes a powerful means to navigate and cope with the complexities associated. In this way, art serves not only as a mode of self-expression but as a therapeutic medium, providing solace and aiding while liberating him from past traumas and beliefs.

Despite his relatively short time in the art world, Pharo has managed to make a significant impact by exhibiting his artwork in galleries and exhibitions throughout the US.

Delving into his ideas and ideals, he provides a genuine and unfiltered outlook on both art and life, serving as a source of inspiration, opening up about the intricacies of his creative process, the influences that shape his work, and the deeper meanings embedded in his art. 

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